Paul McGrath

Full Stack Fest: Barcelona

Hacker-themed, Kung-Fury-inspired imagery at Full Stack Fest.

I recently returned from an incredible week at Full Stack Fest in Barcelona, full of inspiring talks, cool people, and lots of delicious food.

2016-9-14: The organisers have uploaded all the videos and pictures from the event, continuing their trend of being incredibly organised

As the second international developer conference I’ve attended, I can’t say enough about Full Stack Fest. It was incredibly well-organised, and it was obvious that considerable thought had been given to helping the attendees enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Overall, I would wholeheartedly recommend attending this conference to anyone interested in a near-future discussion of development best-practices, or meeting a bunch of really cool forward-thinking people.

Day one:

Ines Sombra: Architectural patterns of resilient distributed systems.

Day two:

Austen Collins: The State Of Serverless.

Day three:

David Wells: Best Practices on building a UI component library for your company.

Day four:

Tom, Alex, and I at the closing party for the conference.