Paul McGrath

Rebelcon: Cork 2018

Photo from event promotion here:

Rebelcon kicked off its second year of activities with a bang, by visiting nearly every software house in the city to encourage participation and build hype. Greatly deserved hype too, as they put an even greater amount of effort in since last year’s event.

Noticeable changes this year included a higher ticket price, and the introduction of a full day workshop before the two-day conference, with very recognisable names like Sam Newman focusing on building microservices, among others.

Should I go?

Yes! As with last year, if you’re a Software Engineer or product person in Cork, it would be a shame to miss this conference, which is now greatly improving year-over-year.

My only hope is that there is even more support and participation for 2019, as it’s a wonderful Cork-based event that deserves all the praise it can get.

Speaker Videos

These are forthcoming, as the organisers have been a little delayed in processing the footage.

I’ll update the list here with my favourites once they’re online.