Paul McGrath

UXDX: Dublin

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Over the last three days I attended Dublin’s third UXDX Conf, a conference that aims to “integrate UX into the Development loop by breaking down the barriers between development, design and research teams.”

Co-founded by Catherine and Rory Madden, this conference aimed high and very much hit the mark.

Organised across three days, I attended workshops and talks by some incredible international speakers, all of whom were experts in their fields.

Should I go?

Yes! As someone who greatly enjoys anything related to User Experience, it was probably once of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve attended to date.

It is most suitable for those with a User Experience or Customer Experience mindset; however, I would highly encourage those interested in challenging their current thoughts on software or product development to also attend.

Speaker Videos

Almost all of the conference talks can be found here, and the following are particularly worth watching: